We All Try

its like its the same thing just diffrent situations and diffrent people , its like everyone has the same mind set , or mabey im the one who keeps fucking up .. could it be the people i like or is it me , see i dont know why the same situations accure , mabey because i let it ? or is it the way i present myself ? but why search for someone else if everything you need is infront of you … is it bad that i let it happen , am i bad person for still wanted to be with him when all he wants is one thing from me ? is it just the kind of person i am that thats all they want ? am i just gunna have to accept the fact im not good enough ? or is settleing for less a easy way out , i may act strong but im probably the pussyiest person ever .. well the most emotional , mabey i get attached to quick or mabey im crazy who knows .. or could it be from all the miss treatment ive had before that made me what i am now ?! could it be that i set myself up for failure ? mabey im the bad guy in all this not the boys i fuck with , but see now im blaming there mistakes on me but why ? why do i do that ? am i prone to  sad all the time.. i mean mabey i like getting myself up set .. tumblr . be my shrink for the hour?